Friday, May 28, 2010

Pink & Purple for birthday 'mom'

Carrot Almond Cupcakes + Cream Cheese

Butter cake + butter cream

Repeat order from Mira for her own birthday..butter cake frosted with butter cream for the celebration with her family members while the 25 pcs 'S' sized carrot almond cupcakes frosted with cream cheese was for the office mates. Requested for the pink & purple theme colours. Thank you for the order & happy birthday!!!

Thank you teachers....special cuppies for you!!!

Vanilla cupcakes + butter cream

Chocolate cupcakes + butter cream

Chocolate cupcakes + butter cream

Thank you teachers!!! that's the best words we can say to the person who has been spending most of his/her time with our kids..teaching, guiding, scolding, crying, laughing..and bla many things done till we can't list down on the paper..their aim is just like us..want to see the children grown as a good & success person..what a wonderful person they are!!! These cupcakes were specially decorated for the teachers@ SM Convent & SK Convent (1) Klang...Thank you so much for everything & may God bless all of u always!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chocolate cupcakes for special event...

Chocolate cupcakes + butter cream
250 pcs of chocolate cupcakes ordered by Sue for Jogathon Sek KAFA @ USJ 9 , Subang Jaya. As for this event, 8 different designs were decorated for the cupcakes. Alhamdulillah..sold out too!!! Thank you so much for the order ya Sue...Hope we can work together again in the future..

Cupcakes for special event...

Vanilla Cupcakes + Butter cream

150 pcs of vanilla cupcakes ordered by Sue for Hari Terbuka Masjid Al-Falah USJ 9 , Sbg Jaya. She opened a booth selling cupcakes that she ordered from me..As for this evet, I've come out with 3 decos for vanilla cupcakes to attract the visitors..Thank God..!! the cuppies were sold out during the 1 1/2 day event..Thank you Sue for the order..

Wedding Gift...sweet pinky..

Carrot Almond Cupcakes + Cream Cheese
60 pcs cupcakes ordered by Cikgu Fiza from SKC (2) for her friend's kira wedding gift la ye..Requested for pink colour theme & here is the outcome..Thanks so much for the order & hope your friend like it too as you do!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cuppies for teachers

Chocolate Cupcakes + Butter cream
These cuppies were decorated for the teachers at Q-dees to thank them for teaching & guiding my kids~ Sarah,Harith & now Danish to become a good citizen...Thank you teachers & Happy Teacher's Day!!!

Another Ben 10...cuppies

Chocolate Cupcakes + Butter cream + Edible image
25 pcs of chocolate cupcakes were included in Danish party was distributed among his friends at En-Ovens Q-dees.. Happy birthday Danish!!!!

Ben 10..

Steamed Chocolate Cake + Butter cream + Edible image
A Ben 10 birthday cake special request from my youngest son carzy with this cartoon charactor..don't know what so special about it..It was shared among his friends & teachers at his kindergarten Q-dees..know what he told me once got back from school??? " friends & teachers delicious!!!!"...Hope next year he won't ask for the same cake deco again...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy birthday....Gila Bola...

Steamed Chocolate Cake + Butter cream & cadburry chocolate ball
This special cake ordered by very old friend Kak Ain from Port Klang. We're actually lost contact since 18 years ago after we graduated from ITM Arau...and finally we met again @ fb..what a wonderful technology!!!! This cake was specially for K.Ain's son birthday on 7th May (which is same date as my bthdy too..but no cake for me la...uhuks!!!). Since bola is his fav sport & now everybody so eager waiting for the world i decided to make this deco...Really hope he like it & happy birthday to 'enchem' boy Nain...Thanks again my dear kak Ain...muahhhhhh!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smiley faces to say TQ...

Chocolate & vanilla cupcakes + butter cream

150 pcs of chocolate & vanilla cupcakes was ordered by Ms Ghitah from Maxis KL. The cupcakes were distributed among the staffs for the Labor's Day. I was told that they're so happy & liked the cupcakes so much...Thanks Ghitah for the order...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pinky....pinky cuppies...oh!

Vanilla Cupcakes + Butter cream
Pink and white combination is really suiting...that's was requested by my daughters..selalu buat untuk customers & friends this time for family pulak...actually buat ni dah quite sometime tapi tak sempat nak upload...macam biasa la habis licin....