Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fruit Tarts...

Fruit tarts is the best dessert ever....happy viewing!!

Fruit tarts

Friday, September 20, 2013

Football..Pesta Bola Merdeka..

Demam bola datang lagi...Congratulations to our national team Harimau Muda & the coach Mr Ong Kim Swee..well done!!! Being as the champion in Pesta Bola Merdeka was target is the GOLD medal SEA Games 2013..all the best to the young players...especially Wan Zack & the geng...

Red velvet + cream cheese filling + lemon butter cream frosting


Have u ever heard about Moussaka?

Cheese's another option that u can always try...

It comes in 2 sizes..1 big tray & mini tray as well..


Apam PolkaDot

The Malay traditional kuih called Apam PolkaDot...some people prefer to add  sourly  filling such as strawberries, blueberry filling or even chocolate ganache...well kids love this so much..choc + kids = real good partner...LOL!!!!

Apam PolkaDot

Durian Crepe

Durian Crepe is back...using the powerful musang king durian as the filling, together with fresh cream & special custard filling..wrapped with thin silky's finger licking good!!!

Durian Crepe

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Red velvet lagi...

Some pictures of Red velvet in square shape...happy viewing..enjoy!!

red velvet + cream cheese

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wedding Cake

It's wedding cake is a-must have item nowadays in any wedding can be 1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier or even up to 7-tier...huhh just imagine how tall it is going to be if is one of my wedding cake in red/white theme...

red velvet (bottom) & choc moist (top)

Birthday Cake with edible image

birthday..birthday..birthday...headache thinking of birthday cake? Here's another option you can choose..birthday cake with edible image..just add RM25 you can have any pictures on your cake..does it sound good? 019-3827240 for details..

butter cake + buttercream + edible image

Red velvet Slice cake...

Malas nak potong kek sendiri...nanti potongan tak sekata..Dashbuttercream sedia membantu..slice cakes disediakan...kek bersaiz 10" x 10" ini will be sliced into 35 cute's ready to be served! easy rite...


red velvet + cream cheese

Red Velvet..

Red velvet...most demanded cake @Dashbuttercream..

red velvet + cream cheese

Chocolate Madness..

This is real mad...mad about chocolate??? its so yummy..a choc sponge cake layered with choc mousse , frosted with fresh cream , topped with choc ganache & deco with maraschino cherries...

Chocolate madness

Thematic Cakes..

Some customers requested a special theme for their birthday is one of the sample...Football..

carrot almond + cream cheese

Assorted Cupcakes..

Need a smaller cake version..? Here is the best choice ever..super cute cupcakes in the house...

red velvet + lemon butter cream

chocolate moist + butter cream

Creamy Cream Puffs

My favourite...creamy cream puffs...filled with special custard yummmy..

cream puff + custard filling

Hantaran Cake..

A very simple..last minute hantaran cake..

red velvet + lemon buttercream

Spider-man in da house..

Macam2 request dari customers utk kek2 yg mereka adalah salah satu daripadanya...spider-man for a 3-year birthday boy....enjoying myself doing this deco..simple & yet need to be focused to get the final result..

chocolate moist cake + buttercream + fondant