Friday, July 30, 2010

birthDAY GiFt...

Chocolate cupcakes & Butter cream
HaPPy BirThDaY to Ika & her sister Yana...these cuppies specially decorated for both of them!! Thank you so much to their mom & daddy Juwita Magdelina & Fuad for the invitation to the party..The food was fabulous..i like your muffin the most!!! Am looking for suitable & right time to invite you guys to taste my "tulang masak asam"..original recipe from my mom in law..

WeDDinG GiFt....

Carrot almond cupcakes & Cream cheese
Repeat order from Cikgu Fiza..requested for pink & purple floral theme based on my previous deco. 50 pcs for her friend's wedding gift while another 10 pcs for her makan2 with family..actually i've decorated almost the same deco as before but i've changed the colour to be darker to differenciate from the previous it looks like a brand new one...hehehe. Well, thank you so much Fiza & hope u'll continue to support me ya...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

JouRneY to MECCA..

Chocolate cupcakes + butter cream
These cute cuppies went to Aida's house safely on her kenduri doa selamat & bacaan yaasin..Really hope she likes my cuppies & wishing her all the best!!!

HaPpy BirThDay...

Chocolate cupcakes + butter cream

A box of cuppies for my daughter's friend Diyanah Idris on her birthday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Salam Perkenalan....

Carrot Cake frosted with cream cheese
1/2 recipe of carrot cake requested by my new friend Pn Aida from Andalas Klang. It's for makan2 with family before she left for 'umrah'. Supposed to be back within this week & just hope she'll reach home safely. Really hope she & family like the taste & deco of my carrot cake..Thank you dear!!!

Cuppies for hubby...

Vanilla Cupcakes + butter cream
I baked & decorated these cuppies in a hurry coz I forgot that my hubby requested for these cuppies quite sometime very sorry darling!!! The cuppies went to my hubby's office & everybody seemed to be so happy & love the taste & deco of my cupcakes...I should be able to decorate better than this for my hubby if given enough time..anyway, i'll bake again for your officemates..that'a my promise!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cookies Raya ~ Arabian Marble @ Biskut Arab

Arabian Marble @ Biskut Arab
It looks so cute rite??? well..this is my latest project for hari home-made cookies..Am using purely ghee as the main ingredient for my arabian marble cookies..the taste is so yummy..if u start eating one piece..definitely you'll take the 2nd one and so on and so on....don't believe it??? grab ur phone now & text me the quantity u want and i'll do the rest for you.. The price??? it's only RM22 / 50 reasonable for such a lovely i rite???

Cookies Raya ~ Chocolate chips

Chocolate Chips

I've started my business in baking project 5 years ago with this cookie..the only cookie that i trusted so much coz this is my "own" recipe. It's a combination of various type of flour to get the right's crunchy & melted in ur mouth..although the looks does not so tempting as compared to other cookies..maybe just because of it is black in not eye-catching la.."Never judge the book by its cover"!!! My regular customers always come back & ask for this cookie as it is not only suitable during festive season but any time will do..can be served during hi-tea or as tidbits also will do. For those cookies lover out there...give a try my home-made choc's only RM22 / 50 pcs..reasonable price..rite??? Grab ur phone & text me the quantity required & i'll do the rest for you....Thank you!!!

Kasih Tercipta

Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes + butter cream
I called this batch of cuppies as Kasih Tercipta coz it was specially decorated for my good friend cum ex-staff at Telekom ~ Norafahiza who's waiting to deliver her 4th member of the family. Congrats to Nora..hope she'll deliver the baby safely..Thank you so much for being such a very good staff, so helpful & cooperative during my time @ nice working with you & i'll never forget those sweet memories..Thank you so much for everything....

Lingkaran Kasih.. LoVe..LoVe..LoVe...

Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes + Butter cream
This batch of cuppies ordered by my old friend from Telekom..Kak Azirah. A very nice lady that used to keep her smile on her matter what happen. She told me that these cuppies were for makan2 with family & no theme i decided to come out with this deco..just like a circle of love that never ends to portray herself as a loving wife & mom. Hope she'll like it & thanks a lot K.Zira..

World cup fever....on father's day

Carrot almond cupcakes + cream cheese
World's only come in 4 years & people are so crazy about it..well these cuppies requested by my very special sis..she's a teacher now..Cikgu Yusra!!! It was supposed to be given as a gift to her beloved hubby on father's day. was so nice meeting you again after 18 yrs & my daughter loves the tudung so much..nanti nak order lagi..the black one...Oh ya..she's selling tudung for kids those who'r intrested can contact her...well, well, free promo for u sis!!! Nway..TQ so much for the order!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jejak Kasih

Cheese Cake
This cake was ordered by my x-classmate@ Convent T.Intan Perak. We've not seen each other for 22 years & thank God we reunited again during the last school holidays (June 2010)..Thank you so much to my friend Shafini Shaari, hubby & family for the delicious & yummy lunch at her mom in law's house in KL. So glad that you like the cake so much...TQ..TQ and TQ!!!

The Blue Theme...

Chocolate cupcakes + butter cream
Lama rasanya tak menupdate blog ni...1000 alasan yg boleh diberi..hakikatnya mmg a bit busy lately ni..
This one specially baked & decorated for my in law's wedding..Selamat pengantin baru moga berkekalan ke anak cucu...amin!!!!